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If you’ve just begun using CBD oil hemp extracts, you might like to try the mildest dose first. They contain the smallest dose of CBD per serving.

If you regularly consume hemp products, lead a generally active lifestyle, and have interest in the power of phytocannabinoids and phytochemicals, we recommend more powerful and potent hemp extracts.

As always, please consult your doctor before adding CBD supplements to your wellness routine.

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The CBD community is making strides toward complete federal and state legalization of CBD. In December 2018, President Trump legalized hemp in all 50 states. The 2018 Farm Bill allows people to cultivate hemp and sell hemp-derived products across state lines.

CBD oil is another matter. While some states like Utah have legalized CBD oil for medicinal use, it is still not fully legal on a federal level. However, CBD manufacturers and distributors haven’t been a target of the DEA beyond cease-and-desist letters because industrial hemp is excluded from the definition of marijuana in the CSA. That means any product derived from industrial hemp is considered legal (including cannabinoid products) as long as it is compliant with the federal Farm Bill.