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SKU: MT-TONIC-VARIETYBUNDLE-24u Categories: , , , , ,


Bundle = One Case (24u)

S&H Cost ($5.00 flat fee) included in pricing and is separate and distinct from any additional Cool Blue shipping charges (or lack thereof).

Unlock good times & chill vibes with each sip of Delight Social Tonics! Whether you’re sipping on the bold Black Cherry, zesty Grapefruit, or tropical Guava Passionfruit, enjoy three delicious flavors with just 40 calories per can. These seltzers will be your go-to for turning everyday hangs into unforgettable, delightful moments.

No hangovers.

Ditch the basic seltzer scene and upgrade your vibes with our social tonics – a quick buzz that brings the chill without the booze, elevating your social game and saving you from the hangover hassle for the ultimate upgraded fun.

Feel-good buzz.

Get the ultimate buzz blend with 2mg CBD + 2mg THC, bringing you the perfect harmony of zen vibes and the passport to a whole new level of good times.

Guilt free.

Sip, savor, and stay guilt-free with our 40-calorie delights – so deliciously light, you’ll be diving into every flavor without a hint of remorse!

  1. 8u – Black Cherry
  2. 8u – Grapefruit
  3. 8u – Guava Passionfruit
  • 12oz can
  • 2mg CBD
  • 2mg THC
  • Blends 1/1 ratio of CBD/THC with natural flavors
  • 40 calories per can/serving
  • Proprietary fast acting liposomal nanotechnology
MSRP = $4.99

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Grapefruit, Black Cherry, Guava Passionfruit