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Formula: 07 Balance

Flavor: Spearmint
Size: 1 fluid oz – 30ml

We call this formula Balance because it’s our rawest form of CBD yet to fully provide the benefits of CBD. This unrefined CBD oil puts the spotlight on cannabinoid carboxylic acid compounds that are typically lost during the extraction process like CBDa, CBGa, CBCa, CBDVa, and THCa. This is the closest thing you’ll find to the natural hemp plant!

Packed with terpenes, cannabinoids, flavonoids, and even chlorophyll, our 07 full spectrum, whole plant CBD oil harnesses the power of the entire hemp plant to support feelings of deep relaxation, while working with your endocannabinoid system to naturally maintain balance within the bodyl. Though only in its beginning, research suggests that CBDa is more bioavailable than CBD, meaning the body can process it quicker and with less effort. This unrefined hemp oil has a thicker texture and is the closest thing you’ll find to the natural hemp plant because it’s a unique blend of all of “good stuff”! Buy this CBD oil if you are looking for a natural, effective way to ease feelings of discomfort, soothe tension, and support sleep.

You’ll especially want to try 07 if…

  • You want to experience all of the restorative benefits the hemp plant has to offer*
    ● You’re seeking a CBD oil that might help with relaxation*
    ● You’re seeking a hemp oil that might help you unwind and fall asleep*
    ● You’re looking for a CBD product that may help managing everyday stressors*


  • Support for normal, everyday stresses*
  • Promotes a sense of calm *
  • Supports a health sleep cycle*
  • Supports overall feelings of wellness*
  • Ease Helps ease feelings of tension*
  • Encourage relaxation, without drowsiness*
  • Manage feelings of discomfort*
MSRP = $63.99

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1200mg, 600mg